About Us

Our Aims & Objectives

EASiTEC is a non-profit making social enterprise company limited by guarantee. We work with young people and adults including the elderly, with a variety of disabilities, to achieve the following objectives:

To enhance public understanding of the social and technological needs of people, young and old, who have disabilities in the UK, with a view to global expansion.

To advance first class training, product awareness, and access to technology for all people with a variety of disabilities, by working with individuals, charities, local authorities, educational establishments, training agencies, mainstream commercial companies and others.

To enable people with disabilities to choose technology according to their personal needs, whether it is in an educational, home or work environment.

Our Ambitions

Over the next few years, EASiTEC hopes to achieve the following:

Enable people with disabilities to have the right to choose technology for their own personal needs, whether it is in an educational and home environment, or to enrich their working career.

To foster, promote, commission and undertake research and development with selected IT companies and universities in the UK and worldwide.

To foster, initiate and develop projects with manufacturers concerned with inclusive and accessible technologies.

To provide social opportunities for people with disabilities, their families, and peers to encourage co-operation and integration and as a platform for training and education.

To hold workshops, exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses either alone or with others.

To work closely with the retail sector of telecommunications to improve their services for people with disabilities.

To co-operate and enter into arrangements with authorities (local, national or international) so they become better suited for understanding the needs of users, including those with disabilities, or the need to provide funds to assist the charity in its work.

Ken Carter, Helen Lansdown and Dr Harold Silver enjoying communication

Ken Carter, Helen Lansdown and Dr Harold Silver enjoying communication